A different sort of journeying…

Red Juice for Day 1: Cleanse the Root Chakra

Just the other day, I finished my 7 Day Juice Cleanse Journey. I did this with two good friends. The results have been fabulous! My love of life is at a new all time high. My health and energy level are “tank”, as my 13 year old son would say.  (Means awesome :))  This cleanse is something I knew I had to do, which made it easy to do.  Do you know what your body needs?


2 thoughts on “A different sort of journeying…

  1. I for one would LOVE to hear about your cleanse experience and how its done day to day. Where you looked for support, etc. You look fantastic!!!!

  2. Hey there… this is an awesome website… I look forward to lots of new info & hope to see you soon… maybe a holiday ‘date’ with the girls?? Best of luck with all of your adventures Donna… You look WONDERFUL!!

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