Juicing: Great healthy food finds at the store today..


3 + Lbs!

I went in search of some healthy food for Juicing at the store today.  What I found was a 3 lb. bag of organic produce for $5.99 to put through my juicer!

This $5.99 bag of fruits and veggies made 32 ounces of juice!  That is 4 servings of organic goodness!  Healthy Living Market at Wilton Mall is the place. AND… they will make you a fresh bag with your preferences if you ask them to.  This bag was made while I waited a few minutes. It contained Kale, several Carrots of various colors, Celery Stalks, a Lemon, 2 Honeycrisp Apples, and Ginger root.  The juice was fabulous.



What a deal! All of this, 3 lbs., for $5.99

Introducing the BioMat…

Now offering the BioMat!

For your healing and relaxation Now offering the BioMat!

Sacandaga Therapeutic Massage is proud to use the BioMat to its customers and friends. The BioMat uses far infrared technology and thermotherapy which offers many benefits to the muscles, as well as all cells within 6 inches of the mat. This in turn provides minor muscle pain relief, reduces joint stiffness, reduces muscle spasm, and  offers temporary increase of local circulation.

The use of the BioMat is available with each massage session at no additional fee.  The mat works at various heat settings for your comfort.

If you’re curious about how the BioMat works, here’s a quick summary:

Thermotherapy (the use of heat) increases blood flow to the body, which in turn facilitates tissue healing by supplying fresh protein, nutrients, and oxygen at the site of pain or injury.  A study done by Scott F. Nadler, The physiologic basis and clinical applications of cryotherapy and thermotherapy for the pain practitioner, has shown that a 1 degree increase in tissue temperature is associated with a 10-15% increase in local tissue metabolism. This assists the healing process by removing the metabolic by-products of tissue damage and provides an environment for tissue repair.

Far infrared technology also produces negative ions, which are abundant in natural environments such as forests, mountains waterfalls and oceans. Negative ions have a positive effect on the body as well. They neutralize the positive ions that are a result of EMF’s and other environmental assaults that are around us.

The most common result is a feeling of increased well being and deep relaxation. Some of my clients have also reported feelings of heightened body awareness. As a result they have made lifestyle changes and are more “in tune” with their body’s needs.



Organic or not? Let’s eat healthy food!

IMG_8177Organic or not?

Eat Local, Eat Healthy, Eat Fresh!

This is a cute litle representation of my thoughts on buying conventional versus organic produce.

Did you know that locally sourced produce, even if it isn’t organic, is better for your body than “commercially” offered produce in the grocery store?

The time is now to start enjoying the fresh and local produce from the area farmers. It’s always a good thing to support local producers.

This year I joined a local fresh cut flower cooperative JayFlora Designs in Fonda NY and I will be able to pick up beautiful freshly cut flowers each week from a young entrepreneur who is starting a fabulous business.

Following the Dirty Dozen Guide to Buying Fruits and Vegetables is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to improve your health.

Below is a helpful little chart on how to cook your fresh veggies for ideal taste and texture.

Then again, RAW is always preferred to get the maximum enzyme content in most cases. (Tomatoes are one exception- due to the increase in the enzyme Lycopene when they are cooked.)


Ideal cooking methods for your produce

Ideal cooking methods for your produce

Massage Tip for Today: Reduce allergy symptoms, sinus congestion, get rid of a cold


Watch VIDEO here:

How to drain your sinuses in 5 minutes

Here is a video of simple face massage you can do at home. The video features Dr. Mark Lynch of New Jersey.

This video shows you how to do self facial/neck massage to reduce allergy symptoms and sinus congestion and reduce symptoms of a cold at it’s early stages. It’s also good to use before, during and after flying on a plane to reduce the chances of catching a cold or flu. It’s amazing to use on your kids when they come home from school or day care feeling ill too!

The video is about 8 Minutes long.  At minute 3:50 of the video, he explains why this helps so much.

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How to store your fresh juice


Lately I have been making a few days worth of juice at a time. It saves me from cleaning my Champion every day. Some days I don’t have quite enough juice to fill the jars. (Juice stays fresh longer when there is no air in the jar.) An easy fix is to add ice cubes to top off the jar! It cools the juice faster and slows the oxidative process down.
Don’t forget to spoon off the foam first! Cause foam = air = oxidation.
Remember, a masticating juicer makes juice that can be stored for up to 72 hours, if in an airtight container and refrigerated.
A centrifugal juice’s juice needs to be consumed within 20 minutes, as the spinning action adds air to the juice and it starts oxidizing much faster.

How to buy a used Champion Juicer

Buying a Juicer should be a simple purchase. If you aren’t sure what type of juicer to buy, check out my blogpost on that topic.
If you decide to buy a Champion Juicer, here are some tips.
Buying new: The most affordable web price I have found is www.harvestessentials.com
Their price is $265 – plus they have a $10 coupon and free shipping.

That price can be steep.
Another option is to buy a used juicer.
Ebay always has juicers for sale.
Craigslist does also.

When buying a used Champion Juicer, make sure it has all of its parts
AND make sure that all of the parts are also shown disassembled.
I know two people who have purchased a used Champion with the cutter blade
stuck (more like cemented) on the motor shaft. This happens when the juicer was
either assembled when wet or not cleaned properly before being sold. It is nearly impossible to get the cutter to release from the motor shaft when this happens, making the juicer un-usable.

That being said, I know many people who have purchased used Champion juicers that worked perfectly and are like new.

The beauty of the Champion is that the model has stayed basically the same
over the years, and replacement parts are affordable. The motor has a 10 year
warranty and the product is made in the USA.
These juicers last for decades and are a great health investment.

Movie Link: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I’ve been talking up this movie for a few years. And now that I am offering the Juicing for Weight Loss Program,
it’s coming up again. People want to change their habits and their health. Juicing can be the vehicle that does it for them,
and maybe for you as well.
This movie is what got me started on my juicing journey. Joe Cross is the film maker who documented his experience with juicing
and how he shared his experience with others. It’s a life changing story.
So if you are interested, here is the link:


Be well,

Who am I without my pain?

“Healing is accomplished the instant the sufferer no longer sees any value in pain.”
~ A Course in Miracles, M-5.I.1:1

Yes, this quote is relevant to most of us and definitely to those who seek healing from pain.
You see, you become attached to the stories that you tell people about yourself.
Your subconscious thoughts serve your conscious thoughts and words.
What words are you saying in your head? Are they empowering words? Are they words of a victim?
What part of you
are you serving the most?

The healthy, happy “you” or the sick, discouraged “you”?

In the past, maybe in your childhood, you may have gotten extra attention
for being sick or tired.
Maybe a certain illness, injury or ailment created a “habit” of focusing on the problem.
Whatever the cause, you start to carry this story with you into the next day, and the next, and the next.
I challenge you to stop talking to yourself and others about your pain or suffering.
See who you are when you do this simple step.
Breathe into that space that just opened up.
Be conscious of this opportunity for healing your thoughts, and then, your body.
What will you do with the space that you create when your focus is not on your pain?

I am not suggesting you ignore your pain. You need to acknowledge it and treat it
as needed.

Then leave it alone. For as long as you can.
When it comes back, acknowledge it and treat it again.
Then leave it alone.
It is amazing.
The amount of energy and time that we spend thinking about our discomfort, our exhaustion, our insomnia.
It leads us to the VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Who Am I Without My Pain?
I would love for you to find out who you truly are.