How to buy a used Champion Juicer

Buying a Juicer should be a simple purchase. If you aren’t sure what type of juicer to buy, check out my blogpost on that topic.
If you decide to buy a Champion Juicer, here are some tips.
Buying new: The most affordable web price I have found is
Their price is $265 – plus they have a $10 coupon and free shipping.

That price can be steep.
Another option is to buy a used juicer.
Ebay always has juicers for sale.
Craigslist does also.

When buying a used Champion Juicer, make sure it has all of its parts
AND make sure that all of the parts are also shown disassembled.
I know two people who have purchased a used Champion with the cutter blade
stuck (more like cemented) on the motor shaft. This happens when the juicer was
either assembled when wet or not cleaned properly before being sold. It is nearly impossible to get the cutter to release from the motor shaft when this happens, making the juicer un-usable.

That being said, I know many people who have purchased used Champion juicers that worked perfectly and are like new.

The beauty of the Champion is that the model has stayed basically the same
over the years, and replacement parts are affordable. The motor has a 10 year
warranty and the product is made in the USA.
These juicers last for decades and are a great health investment.

2 thoughts on “How to buy a used Champion Juicer

  1. Can the augers wear out. I bought a vintage Champion Serial #WC21850 and it has worked well everyday usage for about 7 months. Now I am finding that I need to put so much pressure on it with the peddle through the chute to have it grind or is the motor wearing out. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    • Thanks for asking this question about the auger/cutter. Yes, the cutting edges can get dull with use. They are replaceable and can be ordered on the website I just checked, the current price is $41.00. My cutter blade typically needs to be replaced every 2 years with daily use. It also depends on what produce you are juicing. Kale and other tough greens can make the blades dull faster than softer items. Juice on!

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