Introducing the BioMat…

Now offering the BioMat!

For your healing and relaxation Now offering the BioMat!

Sacandaga Therapeutic Massage is proud to use the BioMat to its customers and friends. The BioMat uses far infrared technology and thermotherapy which offers many benefits to the muscles, as well as all cells within 6 inches of the mat. This in turn provides minor muscle pain relief, reduces joint stiffness, reduces muscle spasm, and  offers temporary increase of local circulation.

The use of the BioMat is available with each massage session at no additional fee.  The mat works at various heat settings for your comfort.

If you’re curious about how the BioMat works, here’s a quick summary:

Thermotherapy (the use of heat) increases blood flow to the body, which in turn facilitates tissue healing by supplying fresh protein, nutrients, and oxygen at the site of pain or injury.  A study done by Scott F. Nadler, The physiologic basis and clinical applications of cryotherapy and thermotherapy for the pain practitioner, has shown that a 1 degree increase in tissue temperature is associated with a 10-15% increase in local tissue metabolism. This assists the healing process by removing the metabolic by-products of tissue damage and provides an environment for tissue repair.

Far infrared technology also produces negative ions, which are abundant in natural environments such as forests, mountains waterfalls and oceans. Negative ions have a positive effect on the body as well. They neutralize the positive ions that are a result of EMF’s and other environmental assaults that are around us.

The most common result is a feeling of increased well being and deep relaxation. Some of my clients have also reported feelings of heightened body awareness. As a result they have made lifestyle changes and are more “in tune” with their body’s needs.



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