Is Juicing right for you?

Oh so many grapefruit to choose from!

Oh so many grapefruit to choose from!

The benefits of juicing are vast! Ask anyone who juices. If you are looking for a reason to juice, consider this:
Juicing heals! So many ailments including tiredness, insomnia, skin problems, immune dysfunction, weight issues to name a just a few. Who wouldn’t want to juice?
Actually… there are some contraindications to juicing. These include people being treated for cancer. And, people with diabetes need
a doctor’s approval. And pregnant women, and very young children.

Juicing is powerful stuff. One of my dear friends was being treated for breast cancer a few years ago, and her MD told her NO JUICING!
The juice would have detoxed the necessary chemotherapy right out of her body. She is now fully recovered, thank God.
(Epilogue: She did finally get the chemotherapy out of her body recently during a juice cleanse, but that’s another story.)

And, Juice has a lot of carbohydrates, therefore it should be used under a doctor’s supervision if you have diabetes.

Aside from these exceptions, juicing can be done by most of the population. For example, last week we taught a bunch of middle school-ers in Amsterdam, NY about juicing.
They LOVED it! It was their annual Wellness Day, and my good friend, Christine, invited us to come teach. The kids were so enthusiastic. Many said
they were going to ask for a juicer for their birthdays. Others said they had a juicer in the cupboard, but never saw it used. It was so exciting to
see their positive attitudes. No fear at all for them. My hope is that they can bring that enthusiasm home and get their parents juicing too.

Wouldn’t it be great to become so healthy that you don’t need those pills anymore? I have heard so many stories of people lowering their cholesterol, their
weight, their blood pressure. And all within the first 3 months of juicing. I can’t wait until doctors start recommending Juice instead of a prescription!

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