Juicing: Great healthy food finds at the store today..


3 + Lbs!

I went in search of some healthy food for Juicing at the store today.  What I found was a 3 lb. bag of organic produce for $5.99 to put through my juicer!

This $5.99 bag of fruits and veggies made 32 ounces of juice!  That is 4 servings of organic goodness!  Healthy Living Market at Wilton Mall is the place. AND… they will make you a fresh bag with your preferences if you ask them to.  This bag was made while I waited a few minutes. It contained Kale, several Carrots of various colors, Celery Stalks, a Lemon, 2 Honeycrisp Apples, and Ginger root.  The juice was fabulous.



What a deal! All of this, 3 lbs., for $5.99

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