Juicing Private Session

What is Be Well’s Juicing 101 Private Session?
It is a personalized approach to uncovering your individual needs for optimal health.
Others used their session to learn more about juicing or because they had specific health concerns they needed guidance on.
Your 60-minute session will be individualized and can include…

  • Try two types of juicers so you can decide on what type of juicer is best for you.
  • Create juice from recipes on site so you feel confident of trying recipes on your own.
  • Learn healing properties of fruits and vegetables and how they can benefit your specific health concerns.
  • Learn the benefits of juicing (see a few below)
  • A specific wellness plan to increase vitality and health
  • Take home recipes for your specific needs

Important!!! Before attending your session be sure to…

  • Come with an empty stomach
  • Dress for a mess (sometimes things get messy in the kitchen!)
  • Bring your questions about juicing and wellness


Price is $75 per 1-hour session

Not sure yet?  Read on…

If you are seeking guidance to get to the level of health that you desire then a private juicing session is for you.

What are you willing to invest in order to have the health and vitality that you are looking for? A small investment in your health will bring huge returns.  Juicing is WAY more affordable than prescription co-pays and doctor visits, not to mention the cost of living with compromised health.

Let me help you find your way to wellness, healing and vitality. Juicing is like an anti-aging serum… skin clearing, hair fullness, weight loss. Those are the visible changes. The internal healing is even more priceless.

You will feel the difference on Day 1 of juicing!

By day 7 of juicing daily you will feel like a new person.
And it only gets better from there.  Our bodies regenerate new cells every moment.

You will maximize your healing while feeding your body the best food nutrition available.

The benefits of juicing will accumulate and before long you will feel healthy and full of energy.

Do you need help getting started on your journey?

Do you have specific health concerns that you want addressed with juicing?

Invest in your health. Schedule an appointment today.

BuyNowBluePrice is $75 per 1-hour session

If you are needing more support than what is listed here please note that two hour and ongoing consultations/sessions are available and involve the above plus much much more.  Including lesson plans, the how-to’s of juicing, weight-loss, triathlon support and other personalized programs.

To schedule your two hour contact me directly at (518) 848-0928 or by email at bewellwithdonna@gmail.com.

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