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The more that I juice, the more I realize how powerful Juicing is.

With that said, I want to juice the best possible produce I can find.
Gardening season makes it so easy. I know my own fruits and veggies don’t have any pesticides and aren’t grown with “frankenseeds”.

This Gift of Goodies arrived on my patio one day in July. My “garden angel” must have delivered it. #GRATEFUL
Image 1

So, what does one do when it’s time to shop at the “indoor” stores again?

Purchase the healthiest food that’s available, and here’s how:


* 4 digits: The fruit likely comes with a burden of poisons a and was grown in depleted soil.

* 5 digits, first is 8: This fruit is genetically modified, a GMO. It contains genes that were not put there by nature.

* 5 digits, first is 9: This fruit has been grown to an organic standard. Although the standard is not as strict as some produced by the most serious organic farmers, it is certainly superior to conventionally-grown or GMO fruit.

In a nutshell, pick 5 digits that start with a 9!

***BONUS RECIPE*** Enjoy this great recipe for relief of digestive discomfort. It uses lots of “seasonal” produce that’s available in the Fall. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)


Juice on my Friends!

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