Group Juice Cleanse

Detox Program or Juice Cleansing is a combination of a juice fast and a juice feast. Participants will take part in a 10-day program of health renewal. Five of the days will include only drinking juice, broth, teas and water as well as support, inspiration and mindfulness.

Program Benefits Include:
Increased energy, Rid the body of toxins, Increased awareness of food choices and emotional eating, Eliminate some unhealthy food cravings, and Improved sleep. These are just a few. Each person will experience unique positive results.

This program is a mind, body, and spirit – all encompassing program.

  • Mind: Daily journaling; using positive affirmations; mindful drinking of juices, broth, teas and lemon water.
  • Body: Recommended gentle exercise; opportunities for self-expression through creative assignments; a variety of self – care techniques for comfort and wellness.
  • Spirit: This program is based on enhancing the Chakra System, which ultimately creates our state of health. Simply put, you will learn about each of the 7 chakras and gain an awareness of each one’s effects on your health.

Who will benefit?
Any person looking to shift the way they experience food.  People with poor eating habits.  Someone wanting to clear out last seasons “internal clutter” and reset the way they feel.  People facing any life transition – marriage, job status change, divorce, etc.   This program is also great for athletes, cancer survivors, health seekers, and those wanting to loose weight.

Who will not benefit?
Unfortunately, this is not recommended for people with diabetes or currently receiving treatment for cancer. Other medical conditions may require MD approval prior to participation.

If you are ready to make a change in your life with lasting results then I encourage you to join me for a journey within. Return to your good health!

You are SO worth it.

Program investment is: $97. This includes guidance and support to help you succeed in your cleanse.
You grocery list, recipes with daily instruction, what to expect guide, support from the group on our private Facebook forum as well as check-ins over the phone to help keep you  on track with your goals.


This is a fun and safe approach to complete a Juice Cleanse.

What are the Results People Are Getting?

“I was feeling sluggish after winter and I just want to get the kick back into my step.  Donna’s Juice cleanse was an amazing experience.  Not only did I get my energy back but I also moved through some emotional struggles I was dealing with.  Thank you Donna!” – Sierra


“I was looking to loose some weight and not get swept into the holiday “over eating routine” THANK GOD for this cleanse.  It helped me stay healthy during the holiday season and gave me a renewed sense of joy!” – Ronald

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