Organic or not? Let’s eat healthy food!

IMG_8177Organic or not?

Eat Local, Eat Healthy, Eat Fresh!

This is a cute litle representation of my thoughts on buying conventional versus organic produce.

Did you know that locally sourced produce, even if it isn’t organic, is better for your body than “commercially” offered produce in the grocery store?

The time is now to start enjoying the fresh and local produce from the area farmers. It’s always a good thing to support local producers.

This year I joined a local fresh cut flower cooperative JayFlora Designs in Fonda NY and I will be able to pick up beautiful freshly cut flowers each week from a young entrepreneur who is starting a fabulous business.

Following the Dirty Dozen Guide to Buying Fruits and Vegetables is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to improve your health.

Below is a helpful little chart on how to cook your fresh veggies for ideal taste and texture.

Then again, RAW is always preferred to get the maximum enzyme content in most cases. (Tomatoes are one exception- due to the increase in the enzyme Lycopene when they are cooked.)


Ideal cooking methods for your produce

Ideal cooking methods for your produce

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