About Donna


 Meet Donna...

Donna M Panzl, MA Psychology and Licensed NYS Massage Therapist for over 16 years.  Donna specializes in medical and therapeutic massage modalities to relieve pain and create feelings of calm and peace.  

Massage allows the nervous system to relax, the immune system to reboot, and healing to happen.

Sacandaga Therapeutic Massage is the place to go for pain relief through professional massage therapy.

Take Time for Your Needs

Each massage session with Donna is focused on your needs. 

Some days you need deep muscle work and other days you need to relax and stop your mind from racing. 

Whichever modality you choose for your visit, stress relief will be just one of the many benefits you will receive.

Services Offered

Donna offers a variety of modalities: Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Energy Balancing, Pranic Healing, Aromatherapy and Cupping.

Donna uses organic jojoba oil and therapeutic grade essential oils in her work.